Managing Security Across the Enterprise

The management of network and data security has become a widespread challenge for IT professionals. Security has to be accounted for at every layer of an IT environment – from hardware and software to applications and multiple network infrastructures. With so many different data sources, devices, and end points to keep track of, the mission to stay on top of threats and incidents can be daunting.

The Age of the Data Breach

We live in a time where data breaches have become one of the leading stories in the news. Some of the biggest organizations in the world — Target, Sony, Amazon — have fallen prey to large-scale attacks. There has been no industry that has been safe from breaches. Healthcare, retail, and government sectors are just some of the most prominent industries that have been hit hard.

When the smoke clears from these attacks, businesses have to answer to compliance failures, data loss, and corporate exposure that can cripple their operations and infrastructure.

Nordisk Systems, Inc. Can Protect Your Data

Nordisk Systems, Inc. can help you assess, design, and implement comprehensive security solutions for your diverse and expansive IT environments. By taking a more hands-on and collaborative approach to understand your environment, we can create a solution that is configured around your needs.

We provide multi-level threat detection, remediation, and monitoring services to help your organization achieve their compliance requirements – whether they have to meet HIPAA, PCI, SOX, or other industry mandates.

Contact one of our specialists to devise your enterprise security plan today.