“Our storage has been consistently growing at a rate of 150% per year. Nordisk Systems was able to supply us with the storage we needed to increase comfortably. They provided us with a quality product that was delivered on time with professional service. All of this they were able to present to us at an affordable price for our non-profit organization. “

--~Director, Healthcare--
Disaster Recovery

We at Nordisk Systems consider ourselves to be experts in protecting your valuable data. One way we can help protect your data is by helping to design a successful disaster recovery plan. We have many tools at our disposal to make sure that you are ready for anything that’s thrown at you. From collocation to cloud services that can help keep you data highly available, to the proven reliability of tape solutions, Nordisk Systems can help.

We have been protecting businesses like yours for over 25 years and continue to stay on the bleeding edge of technology that helps you prepare for the unexpected.