The Business World Is Becoming a Smaller Place

The advancement of telecommunications has redefined collaboration as we know it. Now, whether you are on your mobile device, your laptop, or your desktop, voice and data messages can be sent and received through a singular communication channel. No more jumping through different devices and locations to get the information you need. That’s the power of unified communications.

With the advancement of unified communications, today’s worker can stay connected through his or her preferred devices to merge disparate communication functions. Unified communications also breaks down the barriers between global locations and time zones to keep everyone engaged and productive around-the-clock.

Nordisk Systems, Inc. and ESI Provide a Unified Front

By partnering with ESI, Nordisk Systems, Inc. delivers an all-in-one voice solution and strategy. Our combined solution offers:

  • Traditional Hardware
  • VoIP Premise Based Solutions
  • VoIP Cloud Solutions
  • SIP Trunking (available with traditional hardware and VoIP solutions)

Why Choose the Nordisk Systems, Inc. and ESI UC Suite?

Familiarity breeds trust and reliability. Nordisk Systems, Inc. is committed to making sure you are comfortable with our team and technology. That’s why we set you up with a technician who will be dedicated to your specific system from day one. From the time of installation to all of your support needs thereafter, your technician will be your go-to source for all of your needs.

14 Years and Counting

Our team has been together for 14 years, and in every customer encounter, we’ve provided one-on-one service. We don’t take any shortcuts. We will work directly with your team to deliver a high-quality product at a lower price point.

Learn how we can help you deploy UC and other VoIP services.